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Childcare Provision

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Primary Schools are now required to publish alongside their Performance information a list of their childcare provision making it easier for parents to know what is available.

Burnhope Primary School offers a range of childcare provision which we have listed below:

All 3- and 4-year-olds now have free childcare of 15 hours per week in settings that include schools. At Burnhope Primary school we endeavour to offer a place to all 3 year olds the term after their 3rd Birthday and we have both 15 and 30 hour places available now.


Currently, Burnhope Primary School does not offer holiday or after school provision. The 15 hours of free childcare is either a morning session (8.45-11:45), afternoon session (12:15-3:15) Monday – Friday or two whole days and either a morning or afternoon during term time. Please contact our school office to enquire about a place.

At Burnhope Primary School we offer a free breakfast club from 8:00 each morning. Our breakfast club is open to all pupils from Reception – Year 6. We are currently supported by Magic Breakfast and offer the breakfast club free of charge. Registration is easy, please enquire at our school office.

After school clubs

Each term, we offer a selection of after school clubs. A letter will be sent out at the beginning of each term for children to select their preferences. There is a minimal charge of £1 for our clubs to cover the cost of supplies.

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