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Mrs Bell

A Bit About Me

I am Mrs Bell and I am the Higher-Level Teaching Assistant at Burnhope Primary School. I regularly work across all year groups and you will find me in school all day Monday- Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday mornings.

I love working at Burnhope Primary School and have been here for 20 happy years. This means I know a lot of the children in school as well as their families and siblings who have passed through our school.

Favourite School Activities

I enjoy a range of activities but I mostly enjoy practical activities and having time to talk and engage with the children.




I love to spend time with my family although both of my daughters are now grown up and have their own homes. The children at our school love hearing stories about the zoo animals one of my daughters works with and the adventures my other daughter gets up to!

I love creative activities and when I get the chance I like to learn new crafting skills. I also enjoy yoga, kayaking, and watching films and visiting our daughters with my husband.

Favourite Food

I love food and particularly seafood.

As most of the children in school know, my favourite snacks are crisps, homemade sausage rolls and a piece of chocolate orange.


Favourite TV Programme and Films

I enjoy watching Coronation Street, something I have watched since I was at Junior school.

I love watching dramas and home improvement programmes.

I also love going to the cinema and watching films at home.

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