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Mrs Brown

A Bit About Me

I am Mrs Brown and I am a teaching assistant in Class 4 at Burnhope Primary School.

I have worked at Burnhope Primary School for more than 12 years and love the small homely feel of our school.

Favourite School Activities

I particularly enjoy creative, and messy activities and can often be found up to my elbows in paint or another form of malleable material.

I also enjoy outdoor activities, such as forest school, and any other outdoor teaching and learning.


I have two Jack Russell dogs, Jack who is 4 years old, and Jessie who is 2 years old. I love to go for long walks with my dogs. I also listen to music of all varieties.

I have recently found a new love of gardening and I am currently giving my garden at home a makeover.

Favourite Food

How do I pick a favourite food? I do like food from around the world

Chinese being my first choice. I like a dish with a sweet sauce, such as Cantonese or lemon chicken


Favourite Television Programme or Film

I enjoy watching films and TV programmes. Comedies or crime dramas are my favourite type to watch.

I also like to watch musicals and enjoy a good sing along. (In my head I am always in tune!)

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