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Mrs Reay

A Bit About Me

I am Mrs Reay and I am the Class 4 teacher at Burnhope Primary School.

I have been a teacher for over 10 years and have worked with all age groups.

I love being a teacher and I am constantly learning new ways to teach.

Favourite School Activities

I absolutely LOVE Maths. When I was at school I found Maths very hard and scary. It is my mission to make Maths fun and accessible to all .

Burnhope Primary School has amazing grounds. I like to use them to teach the children outside as much as possible.

Things I Like To Do

I have 2 children in primary school and a dog called Poppy. I love to spend time with my family going on adventures to the beach and forest. I love to read and collect children’s books.

Favourite Food

There are so many different foods in the world! I love healthy food such as broccoli and raspberries. However, I can’t say no to yummy chocolate.

Favourite Television Programme or Film


I am a big Disney fan. I have just watched Luca and was fascinated by the clever animation.

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