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Mrs Vella

A Bit About Me

I am Mrs Vella and I am a teaching assistant in Class 1 at Burnhope Primary School.

I work with Mrs Bryson , Mrs Scott, Mrs Lincoln and Mrs Savage and we love to have a good laugh in the classroom and at break times. I am often accused of being “so drama” by the children in class three and four.

I’ve worked at Burnhope Primary School for 2 years and I love it here.

Favourite School Activities

My favourite subject in school is Maths.

I really enjoy helping children with their Maths because I struggled with this subject at school. I also LOVE drama and try in fuse it with anything I can.


I love to spend time outdoors with my family, particularly in good weather and in the woods. We love to play hide and seek and make funny bird calls to help whoever is seeking to find us.  I especially enjoy a movie night or going to the pictures with family or friends. I am a very social person so company is always welcome. I love reading a range of books, cooking and painting pebbles.

Favourite Food

My favourite food is pasta and pizza or anything Italian. I have a HUGE sweet tooth so give me cake any day.

Favourite Television Programme or Film

I love to watch anything Disney with my little girl Rosie. We are always singing and dancing to Disney songs around the house.

Our favourite films include: Tangled, Avatar and The Secret Garden.  We love popcorn but Rosie eats it all.

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