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Outdoor Play & Adventure 

OPAA in Action

As a school, we aim to improve the way we think about play and provide opportunities for play. We believe that play and adventure is essential for physical, emotional, social, spiritual and intellectual development.

Children spend 1.4 years of their primary school attendance in playtime. This time is valuable and needs careful planning.

Different Play Types

The contribution of play to educational development is suggested through the inherent value of different play types e.g. through risk taking and exploratory play in formal and informal settings, allowing children to experiment, try new things and push their boundaries.

Our school aims are:

  • to provide children with a play setting which is enjoyable, stimulating and challenging;

  • to allow children to take risks;

  • to provide children with a range of play opportunities which will support children’s learning across the curriculum and about the world around them.

Not only do we aim to provide more valuable play experiences but we also celebrate play for those who have shown good teamwork, resilience, creativity and creative ideas.

Enjoy browsing the photos of happy children enjoying their quality play experience.

Installation of our Growing Beds

Planting with Oases

Planting an Orchard-apple, plum, pear and cherry trees


BBC Super Movers

Cosmic Yoga

Learn to dance with Oti Mabuse every day at 11.00 and at any time

Ideas for Play!

Useful websites and social media sites providing lots of information and fun ideas around physical activity and play for children.

Play Scotland –

Youth Sport Trust –

Scouting Association –

Play Wales (Playful childhoods) –

Cbeebies –


Indoor activities –

Live shows, outdoor expeditions, Deadly 60.

Website has lots of fun activities for kids that are reasonably easy to organise and fun

Interactive learning through songs, art, videos and games.

Music, exercise and activity

PE with Joe

Go Noodle (lots of songs with actions to keep fit)

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